About Us


"When Black women claim space, it changes the world"

Like most great things, TAKEUPSPACE was birthed out of frustration. Frustration over the lack of representation of black women, of not getting the space or opportunity to control our own narrative, and not being included in spaces that affected us the most. For example, within the sustainability space, the voices of WOC are often left out of the conversation, although we are the ones most affected by the lack of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 

TAKEUPSPACE not only provides items that aligns with sustainable and ethical practices but provides a space for WOC to share their experiences and stories of taking up space in places they are often not welcomed (i.e. literally everywhere). 

Core Values

What governs everything that we do and create

  • Intentionality 
  • Community 
  • Justice 
  • Sustainability 



  • All items are made to order in Hamilton, Ontario to avoid waste due to overproduction of sizes and colourways that don’t sell. All garments are currently made with sustainably sourced 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.
  • Due to our production methods, please allow 3-4 weeks before shipping for made to order items and 2-3 weeks for T-shirts.